How to Send Texts From Windows 10 with Phone App?

In spite of the fact that you can utilize the web rendition of Android Messages to send writings from your PC, the Your Phone application for Windows 10 currently bolsters a similar usefulness.


The Your Phone application has been intended to additionally coordinate your telephone with your PC giving you fast access to your photographs, notices, and instant messages.


At first, the application just included access to your ongoing photographs, however now, it’s been refreshed to get to and send instant messages without going after your telephone. Later on it’s relied upon to work with iOS gadgets, however right now, you can just send instant messages on Android telephones.


In this guide, you’ll take in the means to send SMS instant messages from your PC on Windows 10.


Instructions to send instant messages from your PC


To see and send instant messages from your PC, you have to set up the Your Phone application to interface you PC with your Android telephone, and after that utilization the accompanying advances:


1. Open Your Phone application.

2. Tap on Messages.

3. Tap the See writings catch.

4. Tap the Send notice catch.

5. On your telephone, affirm the notice to enable Your Phone to get to your instant messages.

6. In the event that you need to answer a current message, select the message, and utilize the answer box at the base to send content from your PC.

7. In the event that you need to send another message, tap the New message catch.

8. Type the telephone number or look for the get in touch with you need to send the message.

9. Utilize the answer box at the base to send the content from your PC.


When you’ve finished the means, you can send and get writings from your Windows 10 PC without opening your telephone.

In fact, Windows 10 isn’t sending the messages, the Your Phone application bundles the content you type, sends it to your cell phone, and afterward it sends it from telephone.

Utilizing the application, you can no just utilize the console to type your messages, however on contact empowered gadgets, you can likewise utilize your advanced pen to utilize regular penmanship to make and send SMS instant messages.

What’s more, you can likewise utilize your voice to form the message. Simply select the content box, utilize the Windows key + H console alternate route, and begin directing the message.

On the off chance that you can’t discover this application, it’s feasible in light of the fact that you’re not running the rendition of Windows 10 that incorporates the experience. The Your Phone is accessible beginning with the October 2018 Update

On the off chance that you need to attempt the Your Phone application at the present time, you have to join the Windows Insider Program, and introduce the most recent see of the Windows 10 October 2018 Update.


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